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iPod Support

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Newbie? Old-timer? Having issues with your iPod, iPod Mini, iPod Photo, iTunes, or anything related? Got questions or concerns? Need opinions or reviews? Just got a quick question and don't feel like searching in your manual or elsewhere for the answer? Can't FIND the answer anywhere else? You're in the right place.

ipod_support is a friendly community where you can ask your questions in a helpful environment.


- When asking a question, please tell us the generation of iPod you're using, whether it's a regular/mini/photo, version of iTunes, and what kind of operating system you use (Windows ____, PC or Mac, etc.).

- Absolutely NO promoting the "Free iPod" websites. Posts will be deleted and you will be banned. Questions about the site are okay, trolling is not. There are other communities that deal with that, look them up.

- Glance at the past few posts to see if your question as been answered recently.

- Be nice to each other. If not, you're banned. It's that simple. Not everyone is an electronics genius. It doesn't mean that their questions or concerns are any less valid than the next person's. Be understanding, and try to help. That's why you're here.

If you're still having problems finding an answer to your question, please check out:
- Apple.com Support
- iPod Lounge FAQs
- ipod's FAQ's
- iPod Battery FAQ


iPod fans also can check out:
- www.ipodlounge.com - A great website with support as well as reviews on tons of iPod related products, accessories, and cases.
- ipod - A community for owners of iPods. THIS IS NOT A SUPPORT COMMUNITY.
- ipodmini - Livejournal iPod Mini Community
- itunesmusic - Livejournal iTunes Community