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How do I restore from backup?

I have a

C:\Documents and Settings\Robotech_Master\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\

directory full of subdirectories that are full of *.mddata files.

These are an old backup, from before I mistakenly reset to factory default settings thinking that would fix a problem I was having. (It later turned out that my USB hub was bad.) I copied the directory into a new one before backing up again. I subsequently renamed it back to "backup" since that's the backed-up version I'd like to return to.

Now I would like to restore these backed-up mddata files to my iPod Touch. But how do I do this? When I click "Restore" in iTunes, it only gives me the option to "restore to factory settings, thus erasing all data," not to restore from a backup.

It is possible to do, right?
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