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Need Help Restoring Backed Up Apps to Factory Reset iPod Touch

I have a technical problem with my iPod Touch.

I recently had to restore my 1st-gen Touch to factory settings because it was no longer syncing properly. (I had previously tried reverting to the last backup, but that did not fix it so this was the last resort.) When this happened, I lost all data on the versions of the apps that synced to my iPod.

However, I believe the information remained intact in the backup directory (which I have since copied to a separate folder just in case). I would like to transfer the backed-up versions of some of these apps from my Windows XP computer back to the current version of my iPod.

The problem is, the free version of the one Windows app I can find that pulls files out of the backup, Reincubate’s “Backup Extractor,” will only extract one file at a time. Not one app—one file. Given that apps are made up of dozens or even hundreds of files, this is simply not a solution—and my finances will not permit me to pay $25 to register it.

So I was hoping someone could tell me either where to find a similar app for free that will restore entire apps with their settings (such as the Checkbook app with my check register in it, or the Distant Shore app that held dozens of anonymous bottle messages whose senders I cannot reach any other way), or tell me how to do it manually by copying app directories from one place to another.

Please leave a comment here, or on the Mahalo Answers link at the top of the post.


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