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View by date, on iPod?

I recently had a hard drive failure, and lost some of my music. Not all of it, thankfully, but there was a fair amount that I hadn't gotten backed up yet. But, most of that is on my iPod, so I'm hoping I can get it back. So I have some questions.

In iTunes, I had my main Library sorted by Date Added (so the newest files were at the bottom of the list), while my playlists are sorted alphabetically. What I want to know is, is there a way for me to see my whole library listing (sorted as it was in iTunes) on my iPod? That would be the easiest way to find what I need, I think.

(I've already looked in the 'Recently Added' playlist that's available, but I need to go back farther than it does.)

And if that's not possible, then is there a recovery program that would allow me to sort the files based on when they were added to iTunes/iPod, so I could recover only the ones I want?

Or am I going to have to just recover the whole thing, and then sort through all the files and try to pick out the ones that I need?

My iPod is a classic with video (5th Gen, I think), and I'm running Windows XP.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks guys! =)
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