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Issues with Itunes/Ipod

I'm in dire need of help. After weeding through my music collection and reorganizing everything I decided to sync my ipod and get that up to date as well. First issue was that when done syncing, the ipod only had about 1/2 of my 6,000 or so mp3s. After some frustration and attempts to get the remainder of my library on the ipod (itunes showed the entire library but just would not move it to the ipod) - the suggestion I was given was to reinstall itunes and give it a try again. Same result.

So, I've tried other programs to sync it - Media Monkey, Songbird - and no luck. So I restored the ipod, dumped everything off of it and tried with itunes again. It looks like as it is syncing, it is going to sync the entire library - but each and every time it gets to where there is only about 100 songs left to sync, itunes freezes and in turn completely freezes my laptop. Tried reinstalling itunes again, but same issue.

I've got a 120gb iPod Classic and running my computer on Windows Vista. Any suggestions of help would be awesome... I really miss my ipod and my laptop is taking a beating having to be restarted every single time itunes decides to have a fit.
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