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04:18am 16/05/2010
  Hello! I have a 3rd generation ipod nano running on Windows XP. I'm so frustrated right now. When I sync my ipod to itunes I keep getting this error: “iPod can’t sync error (-48)”. I tried to restore it and now only 20 songs were able to sync.

How do I fix this problem? Thanks in advance!
two questions 
09:03pm 03/04/2010
  my old laptop has 35 gigs of music on it all loaded into my itunes library but the internet no longer works on my laptop. i would like to get a new ipod and sync it up to my library however i was wondering if i need an active internet connection to do so. i don't know if i have to register my ipod online with itunes before syncing it up for the firs time. does anyone know if it's necessary to have a functional internet connection to sync an ipod?

if that's the case i'm trying to think of another alternative. does anyone know of a way to sync an ipod with an external hard drive without having to load the contents of the hard drive onto another computer?

any answers would be appreciated. thankss
Stuck pixels? 
11:02pm 19/01/2010
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My ipod (5th generation 30gb video) has numerous dead areas on the screen, where the pixels show up as black clumps (though there is some color to a few areas...but not the color it is supposed to be). This only appears when the backlight is on, and the screen is perfect when the backlight goes off. It's been getting progressively worse too, it started off with only a small patch and now it's spanning more and more of my screen.

This ipod has been with me for a long time, and maybe it's just the natural aging process of an ipod. Really hoping that it's something I can have replaced.

Does anyone know what is wrong? :[

Possibly cross-posting this, sorry if I flood anyone.
Changed Itune library 
06:51pm 20/11/2009
  So my Dad was download the new itune update (ver. 9.02 I think..) on my account. So it downloaded and installed correctly but when it turn on itune my library didn't pop up, it was HIS library from his account. Seemingly strange since it never happened before and all of my musics are still in their folders but not in the library. We use a Window Vista. Any idea how to get my library back?  
How do I restore from backup? 
07:02pm 05/11/2009
mood: worried
I have a

C:\Documents and Settings\Robotech_Master\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\

directory full of subdirectories that are full of *.mddata files.

These are an old backup, from before I mistakenly reset to factory default settings thinking that would fix a problem I was having. (It later turned out that my USB hub was bad.) I copied the directory into a new one before backing up again. I subsequently renamed it back to "backup" since that's the backed-up version I'd like to return to.

Now I would like to restore these backed-up mddata files to my iPod Touch. But how do I do this? When I click "Restore" in iTunes, it only gives me the option to "restore to factory settings, thus erasing all data," not to restore from a backup.

It is possible to do, right?
Need Help Restoring Backed Up Apps to Factory Reset iPod Touch 
01:09am 03/11/2009
mood: distressed

I have a technical problem with my iPod Touch.

I recently had to restore my 1st-gen Touch to factory settings because it was no longer syncing properly. (I had previously tried reverting to the last backup, but that did not fix it so this was the last resort.) When this happened, I lost all data on the versions of the apps that synced to my iPod.

However, I believe the information remained intact in the backup directory (which I have since copied to a separate folder just in case). I would like to transfer the backed-up versions of some of these apps from my Windows XP computer back to the current version of my iPod.

The problem is, the free version of the one Windows app I can find that pulls files out of the backup, Reincubate’s “Backup Extractor,” will only extract one file at a time. Not one app—one file. Given that apps are made up of dozens or even hundreds of files, this is simply not a solution—and my finances will not permit me to pay $25 to register it.

So I was hoping someone could tell me either where to find a similar app for free that will restore entire apps with their settings (such as the Checkbook app with my check register in it, or the Distant Shore app that held dozens of anonymous bottle messages whose senders I cannot reach any other way), or tell me how to do it manually by copying app directories from one place to another.

Please leave a comment here, or on the Mahalo Answers link at the top of the post.


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You can make my dreams come true 
12:52am 14/10/2009

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01:12am 29/09/2009
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So, i have had this problem for the longest time. I have searched for hours at end and looked everywhere. I have checked at the lounge and the support sites at apple and all that jazz but nothing. I think the worst thing s everyone seemily is having this issue and it isn't being resolved.
I am using an iPod Classic 80GB on a Vista Laptop, iTunes is at 7.06.029 but it doesn't seem to matter what version it still won't cooperate. the issue is this:

When I plug it into the computer it is fine. The folder shows in My Computer, it is recongnized by iTunes. it shows the name of my iPod. normal. However when I sync the issue begins. it will sync properly, for a while. then it will stop syncing. the thing is, iTunes says it is syncing but my iPod isn't. iTunes doesn't freeze at all, not until i hit 'stop syncing' or 'eject' then it freezes. Now I have read many forums to this. and nothing works.
I have:
1)Restarted. Restored.
2)Re-intstalled and Restarted my computer.
3)Deleting the songs it freezes on. (which is completely random btw. It isn't a certain one or at a certain number, it could be in the hundreds or forties.)
4)Manually adding songs.
5)Updating my software.
6)Degrading the software on the iPod Classic to a lower version
7)Disk Mode
8)Different computers
9)Different USB cords. Even the 2.0USB cord that it came with will not work.

I am beyond fustrated with it. I am past my warrnity. I haven't used it for long, because it was my grandfathers but he never used it. I am not sure what is wrong, but some help would be greatly appericated. greatly. Thank you. I hope this is enough information to help. If not I can try to give more.
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View by date, on iPod? 
08:42pm 27/09/2009
  I recently had a hard drive failure, and lost some of my music. Not all of it, thankfully, but there was a fair amount that I hadn't gotten backed up yet. But, most of that is on my iPod, so I'm hoping I can get it back. So I have some questions.

In iTunes, I had my main Library sorted by Date Added (so the newest files were at the bottom of the list), while my playlists are sorted alphabetically. What I want to know is, is there a way for me to see my whole library listing (sorted as it was in iTunes) on my iPod? That would be the easiest way to find what I need, I think.

(I've already looked in the 'Recently Added' playlist that's available, but I need to go back farther than it does.)

And if that's not possible, then is there a recovery program that would allow me to sort the files based on when they were added to iTunes/iPod, so I could recover only the ones I want?

Or am I going to have to just recover the whole thing, and then sort through all the files and try to pick out the ones that I need?

My iPod is a classic with video (5th Gen, I think), and I'm running Windows XP.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks guys! =)
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09:46pm 11/09/2009
  Hello everyone.

I'm having trouble playing certain songs on my ipod. I have an 80 gig refurbished ipod classic that I got earlier this year and run Windows Vista. The songs show up and play in itunes, and they show up on the ipod as though they had been synced properly, but they won't play. As far as I know all my ipod and itunes software is up to date. I tried deleting the songs from my itunes library and putting them back in and syncing the ipod again, but it's the same thing- they show up on the ipod but won't play. The songs are .mp3 files and aren't locked or encrypted or anything wonky. Any suggestions?

difficulty in playing songs on itouch... 
08:22pm 01/09/2009
  Hi. I've noticed that some of the songs on my ipod touch do not play, but they work fine from itunes. I've read that I could try manually adding the songs onto my ipod, but I can't seem to figure out how to do that :/ it seems like I can only sync my itune w/ my ipod, when I try to drag a song into my ipod touch it doesn't work.. can someone please help? Thanks for your time!  
Nano 4th generation help ASAP! 
08:36pm 23/05/2009
    I just got a brand new nano 4th generation and I accidently disconnected it while it is synchronizing. Now it's stuck like that on the screen and I can't do anything to it. It doesn't even light up, and it still have the battery charge on. I'm really new to the ipod and I tried resetting and it didn't work. I don't know what to do. Is it because it's not fully charge or what? I really need help ASAP  
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FM Transmitter 
11:35am 04/05/2009
  What brand/specific FM transmitter or similar for your ipod in the car? (I am getting a nano, and in june an Iphone)? (Photos/links appreciated!!)

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Issues with Itunes/Ipod 
08:41pm 15/04/2009
  I'm in dire need of help. After weeding through my music collection and reorganizing everything I decided to sync my ipod and get that up to date as well. First issue was that when done syncing, the ipod only had about 1/2 of my 6,000 or so mp3s. After some frustration and attempts to get the remainder of my library on the ipod (itunes showed the entire library but just would not move it to the ipod) - the suggestion I was given was to reinstall itunes and give it a try again. Same result.

So, I've tried other programs to sync it - Media Monkey, Songbird - and no luck. So I restored the ipod, dumped everything off of it and tried with itunes again. It looks like as it is syncing, it is going to sync the entire library - but each and every time it gets to where there is only about 100 songs left to sync, itunes freezes and in turn completely freezes my laptop. Tried reinstalling itunes again, but same issue.

I've got a 120gb iPod Classic and running my computer on Windows Vista. Any suggestions of help would be awesome... I really miss my ipod and my laptop is taking a beating having to be restarted every single time itunes decides to have a fit.
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iPod Touch streaming? 
07:47pm 12/04/2009
  I was thinking about getting an iPod Touch, but before I do, I was wondering whether it was possible to watch videos on them from streaming websites that aren't youtube, such as mysoju.com. I know I can just download the videos and then sync them to the iPod, but is it possible to stream them?

Thank you!
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To consolidate or not? 
09:03am 11/04/2009
  Stayed up WAY too late last night trying to weed through my duplicates and badly-named files. If I were to consolidate my list from my main MP3 file, would that be better? I don't have any duplicates in my folder where my music is...

Maybe I'm just not "getting" this.. don't know where all these dups have come from. I have 4 of some songs! EEK! Help?

10:46pm 21/03/2009
  Today when I played music directly from my itunes, the track info started changing automatically when the songs began to play, which is fucking up some of my mixes and compilations that are in Smart Playlists. It wasn't doing this before, and I hadn't changed any of my Preferences, but all of a sudden it started doing this, like it was updating the song info. If someone could tell me how to make it stop, I'd be really grateful.  
Anyway to salvage my music on a corrupted ipod? 
03:17pm 19/03/2009
  I have an ipod 4th generation, that I got in summer 2005.  It's worked great until recently (about 2-3 weeks ago), when the wheel stopped working.  It only went forward and backward, the menu and play/pause button had stopped working.  Other than that, it didn't have any problems, so I just figured I'd wait till the end of the month (when I get paid) to get a new one.

Two or three days ago, I put my (fully charged) in my purse to take to work the next day.  The next day on the bus, my ipod decided it didn't want to play.  It would show the song that was "playing", but wouldn't actually play (even though it was showing the "play" sign in the corner), and it wouldn't skip ahead or behind.  It also ran through about half the battery in the 20 minute bus ride.  By the end of the day, it was dead.  When I came home and connected it to my (internet-less) computer, it said the ipod was corrupted, and itunes wouldn't recognize it.  It then showed a strange charging symbol (not the big red circle like usual).

I brought my ipod to work today, connected it to my computer (that has internet) and interestingly, got the usual charging symbol.  But itunes still doesn't recognize it, and says it needs to be formatted/restored.  When I disconnected it, It showed my usual menu options, but when I tried to play a song, it wouldn't play or go forward/backward (like on the bus). 

My questions are:
1) How could it have been corrupted? 
2) Is there any way to fix it? 
3) My music is scattered over 3 different computers and 2 countries (I'm an American living in S. Korea). How can I save my music? I've tried going through My Computer, but it doesn't show my ipod (just an external hard drive is connected), and won't open it (I get a message saying that hard drive needs to be reformatted).

I know I should restore/reformat it, but I don't want to do it until getting my music off (if at all possible).  Does anyone have any ideas?  

I really, really appreciate your help! 
03:27am 14/03/2009
  i just reformatted my computer. i kept all of my songs, my itunes folders etc on my external. now ive put everything back to its original place. how do i reload old itunes library (previous itunes library) to my current, empty itunes?

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03:59pm 23/02/2009
  I did the 5 Rs to try to get my ipod working right (it'd been plugged in to the computer, I disconnected according to the directions, and it acted weird and refused to show the menu screens), and when that didn't work I tried putting it through a full restore. I read and followed the instructions step by step.

Halfway through the restore, I think around the time all the stuff on it had been deleted, my cousin came over and unplugged it (I told him explicitly not to), and started screwing around with it, pushing buttons and stuff, trying to "fix" it (it had been taking awhile, and I couldn't look at the screen and know that it was working, but I thought it was and was just taking a long time). Now, my computer will recognize that it's plugged in, but itunes won't at all. I've tried renaming the disc drive associated with it, but even when I go on using the administrator settings I can't rename the drive; it won't come up in the top portion of the computer management screen that lets you fiddle around with the drive names.

I'm thinking the problem might be that the ipod was in the middle of restoring, and unplugging it was a huge screw up on my cousin's part. Do any of you know exactly why we're not supposed to unplug during a restore, as in what exactly we can screw up by doing it? Do you have any idea how I can fix it myself? If my cousin caused the problem and I can't fix it myself, I'm going to have to find a way to make him pay for repairs or a new one, because mine is out of warranty and I have no money to do it myself.

Thanks for your help.